Privacy Statement

All information collected is for the purpose of:

  • sending an email, letter or list of concerned persons to the Council/Easts or other related party in respect of the cause/issue you are supporting/objecting to. This email may contain all the information you provide, including name and address.  These details are generally required when addressing an issue with the Council or other Government body.
  • Updating you in respect of that cause or issue.
  • Notifying you of any other significant issues that may effect the Waverley area community.

You personal details will not be used to any other purpose.


The information collected prior to 15 June 2015 is for the purposes of submitting a petition, letter or submission to Waverley Council or other decision making authority in relations to Easts Group’s development proposal or application for Waverley Bowling Club. Where you have not withheld your consent, , it will also be used to provide updates on the progress of this development proposal/application. The information collected will not be used for any other purpose.